Jeffrey Scott Class Descriptions

NEW! ROCK YOUR REDS Class: Creating the perfect RED shouldn’t be a guessing game.
Turn your uncertainty into confidence by breaking down RED formulas into easy-to-manage variables. You will
tackle one variable at a time, from choosing the right tone to mastering the Natural Remaining Pigment chart -
until you have a fresh perspective that leads to foolproof formulas and flattering REDS. Whether you want to
overcome specific challenges with REDS or simply boost your RED formulations skills, this course will equip
you to create your best REDS ever. Please book this through   thank you! 

NEW! PURE BLONDING:  a one day hands-on class focusing on taking blonding basics to the next level by learning techniques to overcome typical everyday blonde challenges. Learn the Golden Rules of blonding to create consistent beautiful results. Maximize their blonde results with confidence by utilizing Full Spectrum hair color. Consult and connect with guests to create the perfect blonde.

NEW! BALAYAGE BASICS: A one day hands-on class. The purpose of this class is for colorists to learn and practice the art of balayage to create beautiful, natural blonding looks for their guests. Colorists will learn to incorporate numerous ways to approach the classic French technique

 NEW! Creative Formulations version 2.0: a one day class(6-8hour) focusing on the many different varieties of mixing and rule bending, crossing all domains of Aveda hair colour and focusing on how to expand on the new revision of Full Spectrum Hair Colour.  Learn to make such colours as Sunfire, Sunburn, Bruise, Coppercino, Butterscotch, Slate grey, Spicy Copper, Baby Pink, Salmon, Silver Blue white,  and many others.  Learners will create their own swatch board and get consultation tips on how to expand their colour business.  A model or mannequin workshop can be added to the class.

NEW ! Master Your Mix class:   A one day class (6-8 hour) creating the perfect haircolor requires a unique point of view and creative thinking that goes beyond the fundamentals- something that Aveda's top colorists have mastered. This Inspiring course takes you on a deeper investigation of the art and chemistry of Aveda haircolor and explores the more advanced concepts of control, hue, saturation, and density. Mannequin and swatching workshop included.


NEW! Look and Play model workshop: a 3 to 4 hour workshop only where participants each work on a model to design a colour placement and new formula based on guests existing cut and colour in partnership with Educator. Learn new ways to excite the stylist and the guest to mix up the salon experience and build the guest ticket.  Perfect for in salon class during the work week.

Technique VS Placement A one day class (6-8hour)  that goes way beyond the basic foils and all over colour. Get excited to do colour differently! This is a class where learners are taught the difference between a placement of colour versus technique to introduce colour to the hairstyle.  There is a demonstration of many different types of techniques like Dimensional Colour Balancing, Colour melting and its variations, progressive variation of shade, balayage, Flying Colours, and also a few quick placements of foils like “windmill partial” and “block colouring”   work is done on mannequins for maximum practice. (men’s short hair foiling technique can be included)

Mens Colour Workshop: a one day class(7 hour) looking at how to maximize the male guest and market the service to increase male guests. Includes men’s contrast,  colour, short hair foiling,  application skills, grey blending/ coverage formulas.  Male Models encouraged and short men’s mannequins as well.

Deep Expansion:  is Full Spectrum Deep sitting on your shelf?  Still scared of deep?  This is a 4-6 hour class focusing on taking Deep colour beyond its intended target and maximizing the opportunity to use Deep colour, including new tonal families, superior grey coverage,  lift on natural and previously tinted colour, and more. The stylist will feel more comfortable with Deep and learn a simplified way to formulate.  Can include mannequin or model workshop and swatch activity.

Hair Colour Magic Essentials: transform the way you see colour. This one day course will challenge you to take new approaches to textbook techniques. You will explore how light sees colour, how to personalize formulas for each guest and how to ensure predictable results. Get ready to put a fresh spin on classic colour concepts and be inspired to reach your maximum potential. ( must be booked through Hair Color Magic website)


Hair Colour Magic Essentials 2: review the HCME methodolgy including the reVISIONED Aveda Full Spectrum Colour. This one day course will focus on formulation, pushing your skills and thought process following the Hair Colour Magic formulation path. Keep your personalized formulas fresh and current with new ideas for manipulating the Aveda colour domains.  ( must be booked through Hair Color Magic website)



Also available:

·         Merging Colours

·         Pure Foiling

·         Colour Talk/Rituals

·         Colourwise and Colourwise 2

·         Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy

·         Full Spectrum reVISION

·         Systems, Solutions, and Deep

·         Hair Colour Educator Certification

·         Presentation Advantage by Franklin Covey

Any of these can be customized to fit the salons needs.  Materials/supplies needed vary for each class and can be provided upon booking. All are Aveda Concept Benefits eligible.