JScoColor Class Descriptions

(These following courses are open to any salon regardless of color line they carry)

PRECISION FOILING: a one day hands on class focused on simplifying the approach to consulting, sectioning, pricing, and execution of perfect looking foils in quick and simple sectioning patterns. This class will impact your ever day salon work and help you maximize your revenue. Mannequins are required for this class. 

THE 4TH DIMENSION(s): a class focused on different dimensional techniques like balayage, splicing, and progressive shading/melting. a marriage of current trends in blonding hair with upcoming techniques for stronger effects in dimension. one day class and mannequins required.

 LOOK AND PLAY MODEL WORKSHOP: a 3 to 4 hour workshop only where participants each work on a model to design a colour placement and new formula based on guests existing cut and color in partnership with Educator. Learn new ways to excite the stylist and the guest to mix up the salon experience and build the guest ticket.  Perfect for in salon class during the work week.  

BLONDING 101:  a one day hands-on class focusing on taking blonding basics to the next level by learning techniques to overcome typical everyday blonde challenges. Learn the Rules of blonding to create consistent beautiful results. Maximize your blonde results with confidence in selecting the right approach and products to reach the right level of blonde.  Mannequins or models required.

TECHNIQUE VS PLACEMENT A one day class (6-8hour)  that goes way beyond the basic foils and all over color. Get excited to do color differently! This is a class where learners are taught the difference between a placement of color versus technique to introduce color to the hairstyle.  There is a demonstration of many different types of techniques like Dimensional Color Balancing, Color melting and its variations, balayage, Flying Colours, and also a few quick placements of foils like “windmill foil” and “block coloring”   work is done on mannequins for maximum practice.


CORE COLOR CONCEPTS: a 4 hour workshop focusing on the 3 C's of color: Chemistry, Consultation, and Culture of color. Grow your knowledge of hair color and become stronger at the craft. grow your salons approach to the business of color and feel more confident in what we do every day. theory only class, can be partnered with a look and play workshop.

MEN'S COLOR: a one day class(7 hour) looking at how to maximize the male guest and market the service to increase male guests. Includes men’s contrast color, short hair foiling, application skills, grey blending/ coverage formulas.  Male Models encouraged and short men’s mannequins as well. 


CREATIVE FORMULATIONS : a one day class(6-8hour) focusing on the many different varieties of mixing and rule bending, crossing all domains of Aveda hair colour and focusing on how to expand on the new revision of Full Spectrum Hair Color.  Learn to make such colors as Sunfire, Sunburn, Bruise, Coppercino, Butterscotch, Slate grey, Spicy Copper, Baby Pink, Salmon, Silver Blue white,  and many others.  Learners will create their own swatch board and get consultation tips on how to expand their color business.  A model or mannequin workshop can be added to the class.

IN THE MIX: REDS, BLONDES, AND GREY: red, blonde, and grey coverage are essential to any colorists, and this class will help to open your eyes to overcoming these challenging scenarios. new ways to look at natural remaining pigment and how it affects your outcome, choosing the right product for the end result, and creative formulas to expand your palette. one day class with swatching and a mannequin workshop.

If you aren't seeing what you are looking for, just contact us, and we can try to customize a class that's right for you.